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Vikan Multi Purpose Cleaning Brush Soft Red Green

Vikan Multi Purpose Cleaning Brush Soft Red Green

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Small hand brush with soft bristles, ideal for the cleaning of aluminium wheel rims. The multi-brush is made of solid black polypropylene with soft red/green polyester filaments which ensures scratch-free cleaning.

Perfect for cleaning wheels, sills, door shuts and arches.

1 x Brush

About Vikan:

Vikan is one of the world's leading manufacturers of maximum hygiene cleaning implements. They develop, produce and sell a broad range of cleaning solutions which ensure both hygienic and effective cleaning. The implements are easy to use and many of the products have undergone quality tests to ensure that our customer's hygienic standards are maintained or improved. Vikan's cleaning implements do not only provide you with optimum cleaning solutions, they also meet the needs of both the environment and the staff using the products in their everyday work. Vikan's products always focus on; effectiveness, sustainability, environment and an ergonomic design.

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