Pop Top Roof & Accessories

The CCCAMPERS UK manufactured roofs are done to the highest standards. We use a mixture of materials to give strength and insulation for heat and noise reduction. This ensures maximum safety while on the move and long lasting quality. 

Our Canvas features high strength, dimensional stability, abrasion, mildew and UV resistance and is produced with a clear seal coat to provide a high degree of wind and water resistance, then it is double seamed for strength. This means many years of hassle free camping and not having to replace anything for years. We don't use the old fashioned tenting canvas as we believe it is to high maintenance. Many of us will remember going camping and having to dry the tent out when we got home. We all did this to stop it rotting when it was stored. But on a camper it never gets the chance to do this and creates problems. We believe in our product so much the have given them 2 year guarantee. 

We also use our own CAD designed and laser cut strengthening frames and side beams which are all bonded and fixed into place to put the rigidity and strength back into the van, which removing a large section of the roof takes away, these are perfectly fitted and you don't have any gaps to try to cover up when lining your vehicle to gain that detailed finish.

We are only offering our roof fully fitted front or rear elevating to your van by our own trained and experienced staff. And this can’t be done in one day like most other places. As it requires drying times, and then you need to check it has cured correctly. You only get one chance in an accident, so we make sure its fitted right the first time!