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IN STOCK NOW - Brand New Renault Trafic in Carmin Red Mamble available

IN STOCK NOW - Brand New Renault Trafic in Carmin Red Mamble available

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Welcome to CCCampers Mamble Renault Trafic: Elevate Your Adventures

Embark on a boundless journey with the CCCampers Mamble Renault Trafic, where each road trip transforms into an extraordinary adventure. More than a campervan, it's a marvel—a real-life L-shaped lounge layout inside, ready to create memories that grow grander with each escapade.

Your Golden Ticket to Unforgettable Moments

Tailored for singles, couples, and small families, the Mamble Renault Trafic is your golden ticket to unforgettable moments. Its compact lounge design effortlessly blends practicality, comfort, and versatility, turning every escape into a lounge with a view.

Compact Size, Big Comfort

The campervan's mid-size dimensions offer exceptional flexibility, making it easy to maneuver and park, ideal for exploring diverse destinations and everyday activities. Enjoy big comfort in a compact package.

Cost-Effective Travel

With its efficient engine and small footprint, the Mamble Renault Trafic lowers your running costs, providing an economical choice for your travel adventures.

Dependability and Quality

Place your trust in the Trafic Sport for unwavering dependability, backed by Renault's 3-year warranty. Quality meets reliability for peace of mind on the road.

Perfect Getaway for Singles and Couples

Escape into the ultimate adventure with the CCCampers Mamble Renault Trafic, tailored for solo adventurers and couples seeking a dream getaway. Transform the rear side seat into a memory foam-covered double bed for easy access and comfortable nights.

Family-Friendly Marvel

Adapt to the dynamic needs of 2+1 family adventures with two traveling seats (upgradable to three). The optional Roof Bed and swiveling front double passenger seat provide extra traveling and sleeping space for a plus one or a more spacious retreat.

Outdoor Bliss

Enhance your experience with optional features like a Windout awning for a welcoming alfresco space and ambient lighting to revel in the full splendor of the great outdoors.

Mamble Standard Features

Embark on your journey with unmatched comfort and convenience, featuring a Stargaze Pop-up Elevating Roof, integrated heating, touch mood lighting, flexible seating options, a well-equipped kitchen, and more.

Travel in Style

Choose between short or long-wheelbase options, and personalize your Mamble with a range of aftermarket accessories, ensuring it suits your unique lifestyle.

Comfortable Nights

Enjoy convertible sleeping arrangements with memory foam-covered single beds or a full-width double bed. Accommodate larger groups with the optional roof bed.

Super Sociable Layout

Enhance social interaction during meals or games with swivel seats that bring everyone together in an L-shaped lounge. Experience the convenience of a discreet slide-out toilet and a hot + cold shower for a comfortable travel experience.

Discover the joy of travel with the CCCampers Mamble Renault Trafic—where dependability, adaptability, and comfort converge for an unparalleled experience. Welcome to a world where each journey unfolds into an unforgettable adventure.

      Interior Styling:

      • Air Conditioning and Pollen Filter: Keep the interior fresh and comfortable with air conditioning and a pollen filter.
      • Premium Dashboard: Experience sophistication with a premium dashboard featuring closable upper storage for added convenience.
      • 'Java' Upholstery and LED Lighting: Revel in the stylish interior with 'Java' upholstery and LED lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


        • EASY LINK Navigation: Stay on the right path with the EASY LINK navigation system, featuring an 8” touchscreen, DAB radio, Bluetooth, and USB ports.
        • Smartphone Integration: Connect seamlessly with Android AutoTM and Apple CarPlayTM for enhanced convenience.
        • Connected Navigation Services: Enjoy connected navigation services for three years, ensuring you're always on the right track.


          • Up and Over Tailgate: Experience easy access with the up and over tailgate, enhancing convenience during loading and unloading.
          • 17” Alloy Wheels: Command attention on the road with stylish 17” alloy wheels.
          • Body-colored Features with Black Elevating Roof and Premium Chrome Grille: Make a statement with body-colored features, a black elevating roof, and a premium chrome grille.

            Safety and Security:

            • Rear Parking Sensors and Front Fog Lights: Navigate with confidence using rear parking sensors and front fog lights for enhanced visibility.
            • Tyre Protector Anti-puncture: Ensure a safe journey with a tyre protector anti-puncture system for all four tires, potentially attracting insurance discounts.

              Engine Options:

              • Manual Gearbox: Ad Blue dCi 150 Extra Sport: Enjoy a manual gearbox option with the powerful Ad Blue dCi 150 Extra Sport engine.
              • Automatic Gearbox: Ad Blue dCi 150 Auto EDC Advance Extra Sport: Opt for the automatic gearbox with the Ad Blue dCi 150 Auto EDC Advance Extra Sport engine, with an upgrade option to dCi 170 for added performance.

                The CCCampers Witley Renault Trafic is not just a motorhome; it's a haven on wheels, designed for families seeking unmatched comfort, convenience, and style on their journeys.

                Explore the possibilities of the Witley Renault Trafic, a compact motorhome in a campervan size, see here

                Enhance your Witley Conversion with comfort and style through available upgrades [here]

                A choice of 6 stylish interior design options:   


                Colours available 






                With the exception of conversion work carried out by CCCAMPERS, the Trafic is covered by Renault’s own warranties. CCCAMPERS provides a comprehensive coverage package aimed to give our customers peace of mind with trouble-free motoring. 

                CCCAMPERS Modification & Products

                CCCAMPERS build warranty consists of a non-transferable 2-year / 24,000 miles (whichever comes first)

                • This covers all aspects of workmanship and components. Should defects be deemed to result from misuse, the warranty will be void. All appliances are subject to one year warranty. On a rare occasion, this happens any appliance that fails will be replaced with no labour charge from a CCCAMPERS technician. 

                Renault's 3-Year / 100,000 Miles Manufacturers Warranty

                Your vehicle is covered by a warranty package for up to 3 years from the date of first registration with unlimited mileage during the first 24 months, followed by a further 1 year limited to a total mileage of 100,000
                • Your local Renault Dealer is able to repair or replace without charge, parts that are found to have a material or assembly defect that is recognised by Renault.
                Paint warranty – 3 years*
                • Covers paint defects that are found to have a material, manufacturing or application defect that is recognised by Renault.
                • The periodic body inspections must have been completed, according to the servicing requirements.
                Anti-corrosion warranty – 12 years, unlimited mileage 
                • Covers your bodywork against perforation found to be a result of a manufacturing defect recognised by Renault.
                • Periodic body inspections must have been completed, according to the servicing requirements.
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