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2.3 Elevating Pop Top roof replacement roof rubber bumper

2.3 Elevating Pop Top roof replacement roof rubber bumper

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Your elevating roof's rubber seal is its first line of defense against water damage. Over time, it can wear out, become loose, or even shrink, potentially leading to costly repairs. At CCCAMPERS, we offer a solution to safeguard your investment.

Why Replace Your Roof Rubber?

  • Prevent Water Damage: A secure rubber seal ensures water stays out, protecting your canvas from rot and damage.

  • Avoid Costly Repairs: Early replacement prevents potential future issues, saving you from more extensive and expensive repairs.

Service Offer: Fitted Replacement Roof Rubber

  • SWB (Short Wheelbase): £189
  • LWB (Long Wheelbase): £210


  • Expert Fitting: Our skilled team ensures a perfect fit, restoring your roof's protective barrier.

  • Long-lasting Protection: A new roof rubber extends the life of your elevating roof, providing continued water-tight security.

Act Now to Protect Your Canvas!

Don't wait for water damage to take its toll. Contact CCCAMPERS for our Fitted Replacement Roof Rubber service and fortify your elevating roof against the elements.

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