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The Shelsley Solo or Duo Camper Van Conversion for the 2013 on Ford Transit Custom and 2024 all New Volkswagen Transporter T7

The Shelsley Solo or Duo Camper Van Conversion for the 2013 on Ford Transit Custom and 2024 all New Volkswagen Transporter T7

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Welcome to CCCampers Shelsley Conversion.

Turn your dream into reality with a CCCampers Shelsley Conversion. We can convert your 2013 on Ford Transit Custom and 2024 all New Volkswagen Transporter T7 into a campervan packed full of features giving you a truly wonderful experience. We pride ourselves on our high quilty builds and customer experience and we put the same level of expertise and service into our conversions just as much as our brand new vans.

Features on the Shelsey Conversion include:

 As Standard:

  • Stargaze Pop Top Roof- Transform your getaway with an opening canvas roof for a captivating panoramic outdoor experience.
  • The interior of the van will be soundproofed and insulated, fully carpet lined and a durable, stylish new floor will be fitted to the colourway of¬†your choice, please click below the 'Shelsley' upgrades button to get creative.
  • Any additional¬†windows that are needed will be fitted with driver-side access panel with electrical hook up and water fill up points.
  • Motorhome graphics to complete the Shelsley exterior.
  • Tyre protector anti-puncture is added to all 4 tyres, this tends to attract insurance discount

The Shelsley Comfort and Style:

  • The Shelsley¬†solo includes a portable toilet stored in a unit by the side of the single bed. At night you can simply move the toilet inside the van, still allowing you to use the surface of the unit for drinks and other bits and pieces.¬†
  • Swivelling Passenger Seat: Create a Sociable Lounge with multiple layout options with the rear and front swivelling seat.
  • Flexible Seating with Matching Upholstery Options: Plush Memory Foam Bed with Four traveling seats.
  • Diesel Heater and integrated electric underfloor heating.
  • Access to the cupboard from the outside with a unique lifting door that turns into an outside table to create an outdoor living area (Twin Siding Door Only)
  • A stylish choice of light, medium and dark interior options.

The Shelsley Touch Mood Lighting:

  • Low-energy Dimmable Halo Lighting: allowing you to light up the whole of the van to the brightness of your choice.
  • Kitchen Worktop and Internal Wardrobe Lighting: Enjoy the convenience of well-lit cooking and sink area.
  • Nighttime reading light: Wind down with your favourite late-night read from the conveniently placed LED night light.

The Shelsley Connectivity and Convenience:

  • 7" LCD Touch Screen Control Panel for effortless monitoring of electric, battery & water levels. With independently switched water pumps, accessories and lighting systems.
  • Mains 240V, Double USB Ports, 12V Cigarette Lighter Sockets to Stay connected and charge your devices effortlessly.
  • External Mains Electric Hook-up with Heavy-duty 12V Leisure battery and split-charging system: Self managing power consumption for your convenience. (You can also upgrade to our fully functioning off-grid power system.)
  • Bluetooth-controlled cooling: Double-hinged, all-angle accessible 50L refrigerator and icebox with a Bluetooth app for the ultimate set-up and control.

The Shelsley Culinary Delights and Comfort:

  • With a choice of kitchen worktop layouts : This allows you multiple options for your kitchen worktop layout from glass lidded appliances, chopping boards, tall taps. Your style, your choice.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Multifunctional Table: Show off to the neighbours in the great outdoors.

      Want to make your conversion have a little more comfort and style, then Click Here for options.

      CCCAMPERS Zero Labour Cost Lifetime Warranty:

      • Enjoy peace of mind with our Zero Labour Cost Lifetime Warranty, covering all components and workmanship installed by CCCAMPERS.
      • To maintain warranty eligibility, complete the free initial 12-week service and subsequent annual habitations and winterizing services at the CCCAMPERS¬†Workshop with our qualified technicians.
      • Covered items include the fridge, hob/sink, grill, oven, electrical system, power management system, diesel heater, bed, interior fixtures, gas safety components, water system components, roof shell, elevating bed, swivel seat mechanism, and more.
      • The chargeable habitation check prioritises safety and usability, encompassing 12v electrics, ventilation, fire safety, mains electrics, water system, gas system, and bed/roof system.
      • Our warranty is subject to a fair wear and tear policy, with exclusions for user error or accidental damage.
      • Care and maintenance requirements are outlined, emphasizing special care with moving parts, avoiding excessive force, and using heatproof mats for hot items.
      • Note that for business and commercial use, especially for hire purposes, please contact us first.
      CCCAMPERS Conversion Warranty:
      • Coverage is subject to maintenance conditions; excessive force or heat may void coverage.
      • Exclusions include leisure batteries, vehicle batteries, upholstery, roof canvas and general wear and tear, graphics, glass, framework, and 240v integrated heating.
      • Fridges &¬†any extra fitted accessories are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
      Paintwork Warranty:
      • Stargaze roof color coding has a 12-month warranty.
      • Paintwork damage caused by external influences or accidental damage is not covered.
      Effective communication is essential for a successful camper conversion with us.
      Keeping CCCAMPERS informed about any upgrades, modifications, or prior damage to the van enables us to take a collaborative and informed approach. This ensures that your camper not only meets but exceeds your expectations, operating seamlessly with the specific modifications and upgrades you have already installed.
      If there are any components you wish to retain from your van that we would otherwise remove during the CCCAMPERS conversion, please remove them prior to dropping off the van. This may include items such as the spare wheel, jacking tool kit, bulkhead, old ply lining, etc. Your input is crucial in creating a camper that truly aligns with your preferences and requirements.

      All converted vans will be cleaned inside and out to a good workshop standard. But why not have the Showroom Experience Click Here

      If you wish to keep anything that we remove from your van please let us know at the time of ordering.

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