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Escape Camper range Curtain upgrade

Escape Camper range Curtain upgrade

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Black-out Screen cover is just the thing you need when camping to block out the light and get in those few extra hours sleep in the morning. Our covers can also be used as frost protection in the winter. Constructed from black fully waterproof nylon / cotton twill, these are super tough but lightweight screen wraps that won't rip! They fit over your doors, and with a close fit they will not flap around in the wind. They also have two strong Hook and Loop Nylon fasteners to attach them to your door mirrors.


  • 2 X mid Curtians in Grey or Black
  • 1 X Front screen blackout wrap

Any visible window in the back of the van has curtains on runners, which easily slide open and closed; these rouche up and have pop fastens to pull back for daytime. These are ideal for privacy but also for retaining heat within the van. 

This upgrade pack price includes the labor.

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