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Getaway today essentials pack by CCCAMPERS

Getaway today essentials pack by CCCAMPERS

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Gas Bottle

 Planning a camping break straight away? You may want these must-have accessories on hand stopping any issues arising along the way. 

  • A good sturdy jerry can and waste pipe to meet campsite requirements.¬†The wastewater container comes with a top cap for emptying and side cap for use underneath the caravan or motorhome. Size -¬†330mm Width x 200mm Depth x 410mm Height. Internal diameter of cap 50mm
  • The fill-up tube and tap connector which¬†has been designed to take the hassle out of filling up your onboard water system¬†from campsite standpipes external taps at home.¬† It is suitable for a variety of tap sizes and comes with 10 metres (approx.) of hose. for use with small taps simply roll down the lip of the connector.
  • 10m of orange mains lead, made from 3 x 2.5mm2 cable fitted with 240v 16A Plugs and Couplers, for connection from site outlet to¬†Motor Caravan inlet.

TIP -Never leave the cable coiled up, as this will cause overheating. lay the cable out as straight as possible and if connecting a 25m and 10m lead protect the connectors from water/rain using a purpose made waterproof cover or wrapping in a plastic bag.

All Campingaz Calor cylinders are supplied on a rental basis, with a time limit of 50 years.
The cylinder remains the property of Calor, and can only be refilled by Calor. 

Thousands of places offer an exchange service, where an empty cylinder can be exchanged for a full one, for the price of the gas. 

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