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Annual Habitation Service

Annual Habitation Service

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At CCCAMPERS, Your Motor Caravan's Comfort and Safety Come First

At CCCAMPERS, we prioritise both the comfort and safety of your Motor Caravan. Our AWS NCC (Approved Workshop Scheme of the National Caravan Council) habitation reports are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of campervans, motorhomes, and caravans. Our fees reflect the comprehensive assessments we conduct, ensuring your vehicle is in top condition for your adventures. Here's a breakdown of our charges:

  • Campervans & Motorhomes (£249):

    • Campervans, with their compact size and custom conversions, require thorough inspections to ensure safety and functionality.
    • Our skilled technicians meticulously examine every aspect of the living space, including sleeping areas, cooking facilities, water systems, and electrical systems.
    • We prioritise space optimisation and ventilation to ensure your vehicle is cosy, comfortable, and safe for your travels.
  • Motorhomes (£269):

    • Motorhomes offer larger living spaces and more amenities compared to campervans, necessitating a broader scope of inspection.
    • Our comprehensive assessments cover the chassis, engine, electrical systems, gas systems, water systems, heating, ventilation, and insulation.
    • We pay special attention to safety features such as fire safety, emergency exits, and carbon monoxide detection, ensuring your motorhome meets the highest standards of safety and comfort.
  • Caravans (£399):

    • Caravans, as towable trailers, undergo unique stresses during transit, requiring meticulous attention to both the living space and towing components.
    • Our thorough inspections encompass checks on the chassis, bodywork, interior fittings, appliances, gas systems, water systems, electrical systems, and ventilation.
    • We also assess the towing hitch and stability of the caravan, ensuring it remains secure and safe while on the road.

By agreeing to CCCAMPERS carrying out a habitation service, you acknowledge and consent to our commitment to ensuring the safety and integrity of your recreational vehicle. In the event that critical safety issues are identified during the inspection, please be aware that we are obligated not to return an unsafe vehicle to you.

We prioritise your safety above all else. Therefore, if significant safety concerns are discovered, we reserve the right to undertake necessary repairs or adjustments. Rest assured, we understand the importance of budget considerations. While we have the right to charge for additional services, we assure you that we will never exceed an additional cost of £150 without your prior consent.

Important Note for Customers:

When you schedule a habitation service with us, it's crucial to understand what's included and what's not. A habitation service is primarily focused on assessing the safety and functionality of your recreational vehicle's living space. However, it does not cover certain aspects that may require your attention.

Customer Guidelines for Ensuring a Successful Habitation Service: Your Role in Helping Us Assist You

  • Habitation Area Access: Our technicians need to thoroughly inspect various safety requirements within your vehicle, which may sometimes require access to cupboards and storage areas. However, we do not include emptying your campervans, motorhomes, and caravans as part of the service. To ensure a smooth inspection process, we kindly ask that you empty everything out before bringing in your vehicle.

  • Appliance Servicing and Repairs: While we meticulously examine all aspects of your vehicle's living space, including appliances, please note that servicing or repairing individual appliances is not included in the habitation service. If you're aware of any appliance problems that need attention, it's important to discuss them with us prior to you dropping on the day of your vehicle's habitation service. Addressing these issues beforehand will help us provide you with comprehensive timings, assessments and avoid any failure notices on the day of service.

  • Pre-Service Discussion: If there are any concerns or problems with your vehicle that you're aware of, we strongly encourage you to discuss them with us before dropping off your vehicle for the habitation service. This ensures that we can plan accordingly and address any issues as part of the service. Waiting until the day of service to bring up problems may result in a failed habitation report, which we want to avoid for your peace of mind.

Our goal is to ensure that your habitation service experience is smooth, transparent, and tailored to meet your needs. By addressing these important points upfront, we can work together to keep your recreational vehicle in top condition for your adventures.

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