Underbody Mounted Under Floor Camper Van Heating 2KW Diesel Heater **FULLY FITTED**

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Diesel Blow Air Heating

Air heaters are independent both of the engine and of the vehicle's own heat balance. They draw in cool internal air, heat this up and then deliver it to the interior of the vehicle. 

Air heaters are an excellent solution for your CCCAMPERS campervan. They can be installed under the bed or out side under the floor. They run of the diesel you fill your tank up with so you will never run out of gas.

We fit 3 different types of user-friendly controls to make it easy for you to enjoy the comfort of your diesel heater.

1. EasyStart Select:

a clock that is on the phone

The new EasyStart Select is equipped with a diagnostic function enabling you to read/clear your heaters fault codes.

The sensor on the heaters control unit provides a more accurate reading of the overall air temperature, whereas an old fashioned external temperature sensor gives more of a spot reading of the air surrounding the sensor.

• Comfortable room temperature control, heating & vent modes
• Surface Mountable for ease of installation

2. EasyStart Remote+:
Eberspächer EasyStart Remote+

Remote control with timer function for the convenient operation of pre-heaters. Range up to 1,000 m in ideal conditions.


  • Feedback on operating status of the heater
  • Interior temperature of the vehicle
  • Choice of operating mode (heating or ventilation)
  • Immediate heating with long-press
  • Adjustable operating time
  • Timer functions

3. EasyStart Call:

Eberspächer EasyStart Call

Innovative operating concepts are more important than ever in this age of smartphones, you have high expectations in this regard and of course that includes the operation of your pre-heater. 

Providing you have a smartphone with one of the corresponding operating systems, you can enjoy the benefits of the free app. as well as using it to set start and running times as well as other functions by voice menu & text message.


  • Unlimited range
  • Free-of-charge app for smartphones
  • Operation also possible using telephones or standard cellphones
  • DTMF-capable
  • Feedback via voice output or text message
  • Up to three different timers programmable
  • No additional control element required in the vehicle interior
  • Temperature control for air heaters
  • The smartphone app sets new standards for the operation of Eberspächer pre-heaters and offers a number of exclusive extras. Besides classic employment for a particular vehicle, the app can also control the heaters in several vehicles. A total of two pools, each accommodating up to five vehicles are available. Users consecutively apply all settings for the vehicles in a pool and send off all operating commands for the pool in one go..

Other attractive features of the app:

  • Weather alarm: You can set up a weather alarm for your current location, which will notify you of low temperatures. This ensure that you will start the pre-heater in time.
  • News: Via the app, you will receive regular information on Eberspächer, Eberspächer products, updates, or special campaigns.

Further information:

Technical data control elements

Motorhome Heating Brochure Download (1.2 MB)