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Tambourline tambour doors - Silver 400X600

Tambourline tambour doors - Silver 400X600

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Tambour doors are a great alternative to hinged doors or they can be combined with regular cupboard doors for a contemporary look. Our doors come in 3 different widths and the slats can be trimmed or reduced in number to suit your own design. The handle and magnetic bottom bar ensure ease of use and door security whilst on the move. These kits come as a set complete with tracks and spirals for smooth operation and efficient use of space.

NB. If surface mounting track - add 7mm on to the width of slats for overall cupboard width. If routering in - subtract 10mm from width of tracks.

Product Description

  • Bring a smart, modern look to your van conversion with this tambour door kit.

  • Allows access to units even in the tightest of spaces.

  • Can be used both vertically and horizontally.

  • 400(W)x600(H)mm overall dimensions

  • Silver/Black Tambour Door Kit Includes:

               1no. silver shutter slats pre-assembled with handle and cotton tape

               2no. plastic swirls (black)

               2no. side runner (black)

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