Nissan NV200 240 Volt hot and cold water and pull out shower tap

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Things You Need To Know About a Pull Out Shower

If you’re considering an outdoor shower, here are a few things to know that might help you make your choice.

Why do I need an outside shower?

There are several reasons you may want an exterior shower. Here are a few:

  • You travel frequently with kids, dogs, or other creatures who get their feet frequently dirty, you like to camp at the beach and often need to wash off sandy items, you get your mountain bike dirty and like to be able to hose it down quickly and immediately, or just like the idea of showering al fresco at festivals, as you do not have an indoor shower available.

Here are some outdoor shower accessories to consider If you’re looking for an outdoor shower, these accessories may be helpful:

  • Shower tent so you don't show off all your assets for all to admire.
  • Duckboard to keep the mud off your feet.
  • Soap on a rope as there's nothing worse than a muddy soap bar.

Remember this only works when connected to a 240v mains hookup.