Ford Transit Custom Tourneo 3 Piece Thermo Mat silver screens Cab Kit

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Thermal silver screens are designed to be fixed to the inside of your camper van windows to help retain heat in cold weather or reflect sunlight away from your van in hot weather. In our experience these are awesome. No curtains to flap around your ears while you drive, yet you get almost total blackout of outside lights and very good insulation at night when you really need it.

The screens are held in place by plastic window suckers and can be put up and taken down in a few minutes. Silver Screens provide almost total blackout for a good night’s sleep and can be rolled or folded away for easy storage.

Instructions for use

To use the 3 Piece Thermo Mat silver screens, Just offer the mats to the windows then simply press to each sucker.

To Remove the 3 Piece Thermo Mat silver screens, Just pull away from each sucker on by one. Starting from either side avoid pulling to forcibly on the Termo Mat silver screens, as the strong adherence of the suckers may cause tearing to the Termo Mat silver screens over time.