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Double Twin Swivel Seat Base fits Trafic, NV300 & Talento 2014 on

Double Twin Swivel Seat Base fits Trafic, NV300 & Talento 2014 on

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Floor Colour

Having this swivel allows you to turn your original front double seat with the simplest of operation, just by releasing the locking bolts behind the seat and pull back and turn.

You can have the double seat close to your table when eating and socialising. When you have finished, just simply push it back out the way.

A lot of people say how nice it is to face it sidewards so they can look out of the side sliding door at some breathtaking views they have found. But keeping themselves sheltered from the elements at the same time. 

When you put the double seat back into the travelling position the rear external locking screws do actually line up! Saving you from having to do the Harlem Shuffle every time you have to put it away as other conversions do.

These have been made to exclusively fit in our very own Shelsley or Mamble conversions, available for current or past owners at a subsidised cost.

We are happy to fit one into your van, please send photographs for us to inspect to make sure we can fit at the cost advertised. 

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