Transit Custom 2013+ Front Single Swivel Seat Plate

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Transit Custom 2013+ Front Single Swivel Seat plate is compatible for a seat with or without airbags.

The swivel plate fits between the sliders and the original seat base. The external rear corners of the slider rails can be cut to avoid any damage to the plastic door trim while rotating the seat if necessary.

Requires handbrake modification for the driver's side (included) and you will need to remove the van battery from under the seat and relocate it elsewhere for an extra cost.

We have been notified that the seat must be raised up using the height adjustment lever before rotating so that the plastic trims on the seat clear the seat base. 

Fitting advice:
The handbrake mod bracket can be fitted, but some of the original bolts are welded in place, so need to be cut and drilled out. The metal bracket on the floor that the handbrake gaiter fits onto must also be removed, but the handbrake cable goes through it so the bracket has to be cut out or the brake cable detached. Fixing the new bracket is tricky, as original battery wiring inside the seat base makes access very difficult, The starter battery does not have to be moved, but it does have to be lowered a little. It sits in a plastic box on square plastic blocks. Cutting the blocks off is tricky & takes ages, but it means the battery can be lowered about an inch, sufficient to fit the swivel over the top of it.
Anyone that fits there own swivel seat plate must require a reasonable degree of competence before attempting to fit one as lives do depend on the being fitted right!!