FireTool FP-50 is approximately 70-80% Smaller than the equivalent conventional Fire Extinguisher

  • £44.98

The smallest, most powerful, most versatile extinguisher in the world today. The world's first extinguisher safe and suitable for all types of fire with NO clean up. Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic and a Safe Agent. The FireTool series is a GREEN AGENT PRODUCT, Human Safe, Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, Zero Global Warming Potential, No by-products of Agricultural or Animal material used.


  • Easy to operate
  • Compact & weight saving
  • Suitable for all fire types
  • Clean, leaves no residue
  • Zero maintenance
  • Environmentally safe - non toxic
  • 5 Year lifetime guarantee
  • Tested & certified
  • Non Pressurised
  • Non hazardous, human safe
  • Approved by NCC, RINA, SGS and CE

FP50 Use:

  • Electrical fire
  • Stove fire
  • Cushion fire
  • Car engine fire
  • Camping fire
  • Waste paper bin fire

Working Principle

The FireTool series model adopts a double canister structure able to withstand up to 2,0 Mpa pressure. Silcone rubber acts as a pressure absorber and insulation during operation. Special coolant further reduces operation temperatures and filtrations. Anti-explosion & pressure relief design, pressure is released from the discharge end as a further safety feature.

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