Annual Habitation Service

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What happens at your CCCAMPERS habitation check?

Find out as we walk you through the process, and show how vital it is for your ’van's health and safety Check what is (and what is not) going to be examined – the costs and complexity of services do vary You could reason, as many do, that water ingress would not be an issue on a panel van.


No, actually. Anywhere that the metal shell of the van’s body is cut becomes a potential entry point for water – that includes the side windows, the roof vents, the aerial and, of course, the services along the side of the body.

All Manufacturers like ourselves specify that the annual service must be carried out to prevent the warranty becoming void. In fact, early detection of any fault – particularly safety-critical features such as mains-electric problems or a gas leak – is beneficial to both parties. The same applies to water ingress: any damage discovered after 12 months would be far less than had it been left for another three years – not to mention the rectification cost!

A habitation check will ensure that the water tanks, pipes, wiring, and so on are all in order. They’re out of sight, but all could potentially be damaged on-site or from road debris.

What will be checked?

Before booking a service, you should first check what is (and what is not) going to be examined – the costs and complexity of the services do vary. CCCAMPERS will fully explain to you what will be done before the work is started.

One of our technicians will take your van and inspect its underside. The service is first visually checked before both the water tanks' and external heaters are tested for secure fitting and tightened if necessary.

Next, all bolt threads were spray-greased, then the underfloor LPG vent and habitation vents are checked for any blockages.

Gas system tested for leakage and deterioration.

All of the base vehicle door hinges and sliding doors are spray-lubricated, and any curtains, roof vents, drawers and cupboards are checked for correct function and lubricated.

Both cab seat runners and swivel plates are checked for correct function and lubricated.

The mains cable coupled, the camper’s 230V systems were checked, and load tested – that included all mains and multi-function equipment, and individual sockets.

All 12v lighting and the information panel are switched on before we ventured where the leisure battery lives. With the engine running, the split charge is measured with a multimeter and replaced if not efficient at part only cost.

All leisure batteries we fit are sealed units, so there is no need for further action here, other than a visual inspection of fuses and wiring. One benefit of the latest appliances we fit is that they are mostly self-monitoring and report faults using codes.

Freshwater taps are checked for good flow, and the water breakers are removed and cleaned to ensure good water quality.

The shower and toilet blade were also looked at in all XL Mamble campers.

The gas is lit on all of the hob burners and grill/ovens, before the safety taps are turned off, enabling the thermocouple to be checked before re-ignition.

Operation of the fridge is followed.

Then visual damp test around the floor area, within the units where any water pipes pass. 

Then further leak tests on the pop top roof service, solar panels, roof vents and skylights if fitted and reseal as required. 

Finally, after more than three hours (an XL hightop Camper service takes longer), all fitted smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, as well as the fire extinguisher, are checked and tested and fitted with new batteries.

CCCampers provide a 12 months warranty on all conversions and a 24 months warranty on all brand new campers supplied by CCCAMPERS through Renault dealers. This annual service is essential to keep your camper in tip-top condition. We are so confident in the quality product that we even provide free labour* should any replacement parts be required after the warranty has expired. 

The vehicle warranty had been complied with for another year, and quickly clean and check traffic light health check sheet will be given to prove the service history at trade-in time… But more importantly, another 12 months of worry-free adventures.....


* This would obviously require you to have maintained the habitation and winterising service schedules annually.